Contract.... Wisconsin

I have been studying real estate for almost 3 years. Its been a long journey but I feel like I’m ready to take the next step in my education. REIClub has been a God send and I thank everyone in advance for assisting me during the process.

I recently moved back to Wisconsin and during my relocation, my funds have been exhausted. I’m in need of a quick turn (maybe two) to get me in the position to buy and hold. My concern is finding a sample contract to use. Is it possible to find a contract and avoid attorney fees? Thanks again for the help…

You can do that as long as you realize that’s the same thing as seeking medical advice from the internet instead of going to a doctor. It may work out just fine or it may blow up in your face.


Google “wb-11” This is the standard contract for Wisconsin. I use it for all of my transactions. Or…go to any title company and they should be able to give you an offer to purchase for free. Just ask :biggrin


If you haven’t found this already, here’s a site you’ll need for screening potential tenants in Wisc., I recommend you save it as a favorite. It’s fun to ask callers about criminal records with the info already right in front of you, see if they’re liars.;jsessionid=E2D6D8C44F32AF94D1072BF1C6AD0F77.render5?