I have some leads that I want to give to a investor, but before I give the investor the leads I want the investor to sign a contract stating how much I get paid and also have the property addresses on the contract in case I have to take the matter to court. The thing is…I will be faxing the contract to him…once I fax it he will be able to see the addresses of the leads.

Can somebody give me any tips/ideas or what do you do so I can have myself protected and the investor doesn’t steal leads without paying for them?

Where can I get contracts to protect bird dogs? Please help!

My investor sent ME a contract, not the other way around. So I supposed in my opinion a good investor will already have a contract drawn up once he realizes he wants to get a bird dog. I don’t know if I’m allowed to share the details of my contract, but I will say make sure it outlines an effective date and termination date (such as a year from effective date), duties of the property locator, comissions (amount), loyalty agreement if the investor so chooses (means you won’t be a bird dog for another invester or firm at the same time) including a nondisclosure of trade secrets, binding effect and governing law (which state the contract is binded under).

Hope this helps,