contract questions and starting a LLC

Does anyone have a contract they can send me to assign properties,and can anyone tell me the steps to starting a LLC.


For the LLC try, that’s who I used. They’re fast, reasonable and handle all 50 states.

Use the firm to file the paperwork. Use an attorney to draft your LLC operating agreement. The ones found in these types of kits rarely hold up and are not updated with the most current law for LLCs.

If you haven’t done any deals yet, I would suggest that you do a few deals before getting an LLC. They do cost money, and aren’t really necessary until you are doing quite a few deals.

I have an assignment contract you can use.

PM me and I will send you the link.

i am a newbie to rei and confused. i thought you had to have an llc set up before buying and selling real estate. am i wrong in assuming this?

You can conduct business in your own name for as long as you want. Do a couple of deals and then decide if you want to continue. If so, find a qualified planner to evaluation your situation and draft whatever documents you need. The big problem with on-line sites and document mills is that they don’t tell you when the law changes. You are using an out-dated document and only find out when you get sued. Entities require a great deal of maintenance time and money. Put your time and money into building the business until you actually reach the point where you need planning.

thanks for the information. that clarifies it alot for me.