Contract: How did you create one

Ok, so I’m not new to real estate (done a couple fixers on my own) but still very green and am new to wholesaling.


I have some deals ready to put under contract. Also have interested cash buyers. So question, where can I find a contract. Have an attorney draw one up? Is the somewhere I can buy one online?

I can email you the purchase contract and assignment of contract I use.

Yes, please !! :slight_smile:

Sending you an email now.

On Word program on computer and print it…

I’m in the same situation and had the same question. I found some contracts online which were helpful, but feel I still need to run them past an attorney.

Need Assignment of Contract & Purchase and Sale Agreement for Washington State. Anyone that can help me locate these forms? Thank you.

Hi DeAnna Ward here… I too am looking for the right contact. There are so many different ones. Please forward me one, if I may ask.
Thanks in advance,

I got my contracts off that book called “Real Estate on Steroids” by Jackie Lange, its on Amazon for a few buks.
The Purchase Contract and the Assignment of Contract is included. Simple 2 pages. They work for any state, I did a house in Maryland and Nevada an one in Mongomery. Getting the property tied up quickly with a signature is most important, and the Title company I suspect might write it up in a more formal and standard contract.

This is insane how simple a contract can be. My Mom wrote up a simple purchase agreement for amount owed, no money changed hands, on a napkin at the restaurant with a distressed seller, on a nice house, which we inherited.

Just jump.

Does anybody have a contract for seller and or assign? New to the wholesaling thing trying my hardest to get my first wholesale going. Thank you for your help.

Welcome Sago951!

What State are you requesting the contract for?

I’ve used a few different contracts over the last several years as I’ve tried to improve and customize it to my business. I currently use a 2-page option agreement that has various clauses I’ve gathered from books, other investors, courses, etc. The option agreement is great because I don’t have to remember to cancel a contract if I don’t find a buyer. The agreement simply terminates with no further obligation.

It discloses that my intentions for the property are to either sell for a profit to another buyer or find someone to move in to the property. That way the seller knows up front what my intent is. I’ve used option agreements for wholesaling as well as for properties I’ve purchased myself.

My title company uses the option agreement to close with, so no need for a full-blown purchase agreement.

You can get them online. It’s not necessary to hire an attorney