contract for FUTURE assignment agreement?

I would like to do contract assignments for my wholesale deals and I am in need of a contract that doesn’t transfer the rights of the purchase contract immediately.

Rather, I need an agreement that outlines the details for date of closing, deposit, and assignment fee as well as clauses that spell out performance for the assignor (me) and the assignee (my investor buyer).

I already tried the search engines and only found straight-up assignment agreements that do not protect my interest in the deal until after the property closing.

Thanks :cool

You’re not going to find such a specific contract online, and certainly not for free. You should consider an attorney to draft up a document for your particular needs.

Its always best to have you lawyer look at everything before you start to get contracts signed. Most of the time, the contract you have will be fine, your lawyer may say go ahead and use the one that you have, if you don’t have one, pay the money to have one drawn up.