contract for deed question

I am buying a home from an individual who is owner financing the home.She said she couldnt do the paperwork until the first of the year because of tax reasons.This was in oct/nov we fixed it up a good bit paint new carpet water heater maintenance and cleaned up the yard.The roof still needs some work and the a/c .she said she preferred us to move in because of winter and vandalism with it being vacant,so we did in nov.well its going on the third month and no word from her lawyer ,at first they sent an email asking about some leins but were not ours. we put ten thousand down and have receipts.But does something seem odd about this.Ive purchased alot of land owner financed and never had to deel with much lawyer work except for contract signing any input would greatly be appreciated.we havent made any payments other than the down payment.But wouldnt this just be a contract for the deed ?I am more worried about putting anymore money into the homethan anything.

Time to have your lawyer contact her. Maybe that will get the ball rolling.