contract consignment

I have properties which I have done all the upfront works such as (1) working with the owner who is in difficult situation (2) provide the owner the breakdown of the deducted cost for settlement with owner approval based on my research of the property and now (3) I am trying to find investor(s) to step in on closing day and I am only interested in Contract Consignment fee.

I have not have any success, where can I find these type of investors.


Where are you located?

some ways to find such investors:

  1. Join your local Real Estate Investors Association
  2. Call the “We Buy Houses” ads and signs
  3. Run an ad in the paper advertising “handyman special” and collect their information

Make sure those who call you are experienced, and are using readily available funds not going to borrow conventionally.

The properties are located in Washington DC metro area. With the current market, I only work on properties that can be resell if the investor needs to fix up and resell.

Can also try an ad on and

You have a PM.

I have a post on here about finding buyers that may be helpful,22874.0.html