contract assignment

where should i go to get info on contract assignment

What type of information are you looking for?

You could call the “we buy houses” signs and ads and tell them you are a new wholesaler and ask them how do they usually do it so you can do it similar to theirs.

how do i set up each deal with the seller and the buyer?

Not sure I understand the question

is there a skit i sould use when trying to get a property under contract?

I am a wholesaler in South Florida and we have an assignment contract that was created by our attorney. If you are looking to get an assignment of contract I would recommend you speak to a real estate attorney in your area that can prepare one for you in which you can change the names, addresses, legal descriptions and other items in a WORD format.
Make sure that the agreement specifies that the assignment requires a deposit (we use $5,000) that is non-refundable so that your buyer doesn’t stiff you. The assignment should also include language that says that the assignee will abide by the terms of your contract with the buyer. Also, and this is very important, make sure that your purchase contract contains an assignability clause.

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