contract assignment

What is the going rate to pay a real estate agent if they bring you someone who is willing to have a contract assigned to them???

is the property being sold thru a realtor or is it FSBO?

I got the contract from a FSBO, however a few realtors caught wind of my deal and have investors needing to roll 1031 money. What is the typical amount to “Tip” the realtor for bringing the deal to you.

Their commission.

Let me explain my last post:
An agent only gets paid after their client finds a sale and it closes… Okay so what exactly is my job? Find a house, find a buyer, sometimes both. How do I do that? I bring people together… I introduce them to each other. In Texas both agents’ commisions are paid by the seller… So when I as an agent bring you a purchaser and you to wheel, deal, and close? What do I want? What I’ve rightfully earned. My paycheck. My full commission not a tip instead of my commission etc. That’s how you get agents to KEEP bring you the deals.

Here’s a scary but true example of what I as an agent can expect to have happen to my commission on a sale:

House sells for 200k (avg sales price in the Austin area) at a 6% commission.
200k*.06= 12k
Well 3% of that 6% is the other broker/agent’s commsion so right off the top lose half.
12k-6k= 6k
Then I have to pay my brokerage. I’m at a 70/30 split with mine which means I get 70% of my 3%.
Okay so:
6k*.7= 4200
Still looking good right?
Well wait a minute…
I then have misc fees that I have to pay:
E&O = $50.00
Advertising = $100.00
Okay so now we’re down to 4050
Well then I have to pay my self-employment tax and all the other taxes associated which is roughly 30% of the 4200
4200*.3= 2940
And that’s cutting it on the cheap side to be honest. Which is to say that I’m underestimating a lot of my costs. Granted that’s the cost of doing business, BUT so is paying an RE agent’s commission for an investor that uses them.

So when I take an investor one of my clients all I ask from the two of them is that SOMEONE cuts me a check for my 6k to be taken to my broker so my broker can pay me.