Contigency to protect me with wholesaling land?

What clauses can one use to purchase raw land to wholesale to get out of the deal if I can’t find a buyer?

On houses, i usually use the inspection clause and financing clause to get out if I need to, but would the financing cluase be enough to get out on just plain land?

Anything Guys?

I have until tomorrow to submit my offer, if accepted and I cannot wholesale this, how can I get out of it??? PLEASE HELP

it is a 4 ac tract with a 2bed 1 bath house thout burned, needs 40,000 in repairs, isn’t worth putting that kinda money into, it would have to be demo’d down, but the land is oif value, I just don’t know how to protect myself on just land, can’t use inspoection clause cause im fully aware the house is worthless…[b][/b]

Put in your contract, subject to approval of my business partner. This shows that you have another party that must agree to take over the contract. That’s what i do.