Content on the Cards


I am going to my 1st REI meeting next week. I do not yet have my business registered. I’d like to communicate to the members that I am a wholeseller.

I was going to put my name, po box, email addy, and cell with a tag line that I am seeking buyers for quality wholesale properties.

Q1. Now, when I meet sellers, will I need a 2nd card?

Q2. any ideas for a combo card, or will it need to be two sets?

Someone suggested that I don’t need to create a business entity until i 've made some cash. so, i guess that will be a 3rd set later… with the business name.

thanks folks.

continued success.


Congrats on your first REIA meeting! I hope all went well.

For your business cards, I think you should definitely have two sets. I realize that this seems a little redundant, but you hinted at why it was necessary in your post.

  1. Have a card that tells what you do. “7 Secrets to Selling Your House in 5 Days or Less” or whatever. Make the tagline interesting and eye catching (more than my pitiful example, anyway). This first card should only be for buyers and sellers and communicate benefits to them (and not be all about you). This card shouldn’t have your name, address, etc on it. Only 2 ways for people to find out more information. I’ll go into that in a minute. Put this in your direct mail letters, leave in coffee shops, etc. It’s for folks who have never met you.

Have another card that includes all of your personal contact information. This card goes to other investors, buyers and sellers once you’ve prescreened them and determined that you want to do business with them.

  1. Give people at least 2 ways to get in contact with you. A website should absolutely be one of those 2 ways (it’s an online, 24 hour, never-sleeping credibility kit that tells everyone exactly what you do!) I personally feel the second number for WHOLESALING should be your cell. For BUYERS AND SELLERS it should be a 24 hour recorded message. That’s just my opinion.

  2. Whomever told you to wait until you made money to create an entity is absolutely correct. Worry about making the money first, then spend profits (not money out of your pocket) to get it straightened out. Don’t wait too long, but at least wait until you’ve wholesaled a deal or two.

At the next meeting, you might want to get permission to distribute a flyer telling about your wholesaling capabilities and attributes. It’d be cheaper and easier to print than business cards specifically about wholesaling.

Big Cheese