Contacting Owners

I am wondering what is the best way to contact the owners of a house that I am intersted in flipping. I have their name and current mailing address frome the county website. I also did a phone number search and received their telephone number. My question is should I call them or write them? If i call, I think that I will feel like a stalker ??? by the way that I got their info, although it is for a good purpose. Please let me what technique would be the best.

Howdy GLtucker76:

Ge it in your head that you are not a stalker or vulture. You have to convince yourself that you are truly trying to help these folks get rid of their problem property. I called a lady in Ca yesterday and she could not thank me enough for trying to help her by buying the vacant house here in Texas. She is sick of it and wants out any way possible. She started crying she felt so happy that i was going to help. She did not know what to do. She was sitting on the edge of her seat waiting ti hear from anyone, She had listed it with agents and no luck and put it on a webuthouse web site and I contacted her. If I had sent her a letter I may hear back in a few days.

The phone call too we got to talking and I learned a lot about her motivation and how long she had owned it and refinanced it etc. I built a repore with her a bond. No letter will do this ever.

Try to find a way to help your seller. I started giving advice here just to help new folks with some of their questions not expecting a thing in return. Some how my business has multiplied and is still doing so. I do not know if it is Karma or spirits or holy ghosts or luck or guardian angels or what but the more i truly try to help others the more positive benefits I receive. Think positive and believe that you can help them and never feel you are trying to take advantage of them, Try to get them what they need if you can and you will have something for yourself too.

Spending your money and taking risk should not be done for free unless you have charity on your mind. We all do give I hope to some extent. You deserve a great return for this service as well as the great feeling you will get helping others. You need to be paid for your time and service and skills. I helped a lady get the $30,000 she had to have for her rotten down house and she was happy to get it. I fixed it up and sold it and made almost $20,000 profit. It took a lot of hard work and talent and I earned $20,000.

I may be preaching to the chior and i will hush for now. Sorry about that I was getting all wound up. Any way give them a call this am and make a deal for both your benefits



Thanks for your comment. I was leaning the way of calling the owners. I guess I just needed some reassurance that I would be doing the right thing. I am a little nervous because this will be my first step ever trying to do a deal of any sort in real estate. I am a true newbie. Thanks again.

I have located a property that has 13 people on the deed. Should I inquire about the property or just let it ride.

Howdy GlTucker76;

I almost did a deal with over 100 heirs. They had a spokesman but they could not all agree to sell their aunts house. It went to a tax sale years later. Maybe the 13 have a spokesman too or are all in agreement already. It will not hurt to contact them or some of them if you can find one of them would be a good start.


tedjr, your post sounds so nice about helping other and it returns to you. God bless you and all who help us, beginers!

The owner of a property stays down the street from the property. Her phone # is not listed. Should I drop by or write a letter.