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Hi everyone. I have a question that may be a little silly. But, I’ve read and read posts here and have not found my answer. Here goes…
I have found some foreclosures I’d like to contact the owners on. Problem is…in all the records I’ve researched, there never seems to be a current or last known address for them. I’ve even tried the white/yellow pages. How can I get this information so I can contact the owners? :-\

One thing to do is to go to the courthouse and check the tax records for the owners address. If the property is already forclosed that wont give you the persons name but that wouldn’t help anyway it will give you the bank or whoever currently owns the property.
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Thanks for the reply George. The properties I’ve found are empty and foreclosure is in the process I’m sure. I’ve looked online at the tax records, but most have the same address for the owner as the property itself. Seems it is no way to find current or forwarding information for the owners. Is this just a waste of time?
I would think this would be the same for the properties found in the newspaper announcing Foreclosure Sales. ???

Tracking these down isn’t a waste of time it can sometimes pay big dividends. It can be frustrating though. This doesnt work alot but it will sometimes especially if they have moved out recently send a post card to the address and sometimes there is a forwarding address. The other thing you can try is it will give you some info for free. If you use it when you do the search put the entire address in the street number column. It will show all the addresses that start with that number so you will have to go through the list to find your property but it’s worth it because when you do get to it the system will give you alot of free info including current and past owners and what all of them paid for the property.This helps if a bank or mtg. company has already taken it back because you"ll know what they have in it. Hope this helps.
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Thanks alot George! This definitely helps. I will be sending postcards this week. I’m eager to get started.

Try sending the owner a letter at the last known address and let the post office forward the letter to the owner’s current address.

Don’t expect prompt results or even a high probability of successful contact, but when you are grasping at straws it may just work.
this has been very helpful in tracking individuals who wish not to be located. $24.95 per inquiry, well worth the money.

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have anybody else used this site
It is expensive, so I would be glad to hear an oppinion from Mr fancypants, Tedjr and reoconsultant or somebody else

Thanks a lot!

I have used with great success! When it comes to foreclosures I honestly belive that the harder the seller is to locate the better the deal! Sometimes I just mail them a hand written letter that way it looks more personable then a copy and hope they did a change of address! Other then that if they have a odd ball last name try looking up others! I also hit marriage records for the guys name to get the girls madin name and call those!

Under the “you learn something new every day” file…great suggestion about looking up the womans maiden name on marriage records. I never even would have thought of that.

it is a great idea! thanks REO!

When I sent you the first post I didn’t know about I stumbled into it through another site last night and came here today to tell you about it. Too late they already did I haven’t used it yet but will . One thing about it they say that if they can’t produce it they won’t charge you and the cost of $24.95 is nothing if it produces a deal .

Advanced people search on can help locate people and also get a rapport with a title company or use to get info on property reports,legal and vesting info, sales and financial info. I do know that you should get with an attorney and let him list the property in the paper for 30 days to see if someone comes forward to claim property( to avoid any probate issues).