Contacting/Finding Incarcerated Homeowner

Would it be possible for anyone to recommend how to find someone who is incarcerated at a certain address. I know this person has went to prison, I do not see a foreclosure sign on the door, the door is broken, and some of the windows are broken due to her having the swat team removing her from the house. I looked up the address for a phone number but of course no number. County clerks office?

You can check county corrections to see if they are in county jail, get the booking number, then you can write to them. If they have gone to state prison you need to check the state prison system to find which prison they were sent to and get the number issued to them by the state aand the housing location information. Then you can write to them. If you need to have paperwork signed you might have to have an attorney take it to the prison for signing, depends on eachinstitutions rules.
Hope this helps.