Contacting Banks

Does anyone still try and make direct contacts with banks to get to these properties? I know a lot of banks work through realtors only now. If anyone does continue this practice, how do you make contact with the department. Walk in? Phone call? Letter?


Howdy Deepvoice:

It is all variable. Most do get to the Realtors and are priced at retail and even rehabbed. A lot go to HUD and are sold as is. The wore the condition the better chance you may have to buy it direct from a bank.

I have tried several methods to contact banks and have bought direct and thru Realtors. Some have web sites showing pictures etc and the contact info either within the bank or the Realtors contact info.

I like to use all avenues of contact direct to banks, Realtors, friends, signs, ads etc.

I appreciate the help.