Contacting banks for pre-forclosures

When contacting a bank, who should i ask to speak to regarding shortsales, or pre-forclosures?

Depends what you are asking. If you are trying to short sale your own house, you will be talking to your own lender’s loss mitigation dept.
If you have a contract to buy a short sale from someone else, same thing.

If you think you are just looking to buy short sales in general you shouldn’t be calling a bank. You need to find individual homeowners who want to short sell.

Thanks for the info. If i wanted to purchase some Non-Perfoming notes, who would i want get in contact with at the bank?

Good luck. Easier said than done. Hardest thing about being a note buyer is finding notes to buy.

That is an institutional market. They don’t deal with little guys.

You might try tiny local banks. No idea who to ask for. There are plenty of gurus out there who willl claim to be able to tell you but I have yet to see it work.