Construction Estimate/bid software

After 30 years in construction, I think I’ve talked my hubby into bidding jobs without using a calculator and pencil.

What program is the best? I need something easy to use and will estimate/invoice/keep track of materials. I really don’t need programs that have contracts as much as I need a really good bid/estimate program. With per hour and cost plus options.

Anyone have one they like?

Great $uccess,

You may want to try the Marshall & Swift web site. I use the data from their home repair/remodel book in my own spreadsheet program but I think they have a full blown software program as well (for a lot more money - the home repair/remodel book is only about $80 and has multipliers for the particular area you are in). It is updated annually. I put my spreadsheet program in my laptop and can do a complete rehab estimate in about 20-minutes with an extremely high degree of accuracy. also has some useful, ready made, estimator downloads.

Hope this helps - let us know if you run into anything else like it.

at home depot if you ask for thier contractor book or catalog it comes with a program called national repair and remodeling estimator


That “National repair and remodeling estimator” looks great and is certainly priced right! I’m going to give it a try and compare it to the M&S numbers. You can download a digital copy for $25. It’s also a lot easier than all the data entry I had to do in my spreadsheet program.


I thought contractors just used their best estimate for what the job should really cost, then multiplied by 3???