Construction and Rehab loans?

How hard is it to qualify for construction and rehab loans, compared to Hard Money?

Hi Blondie,

There are some construction loans and rehab loans available that are as easy if not easier to qualify for.There are programs that cover construction financing down to a 540 fico score with no verification of income or assets, but you must have a very good budget and your LTV will vary according to score, and whether or not you are living in the home or whether it is spec.


Construction and rehab lending are different animals—there is no universal response to your question.

There are lenders (like the program mentioned by the other poster) that allows for owner-builder/spec/G.C. construction lending that will lend to 60 LTV/LTC using a NIV submission approach with FICOs as low as 540 for a self built, non-owner occupied custom construction project.


Scott Miller