Consolidated Solutions Group?

Ok, so I ended up on this site via a link off Craigslist and haven’t figured out what exactly it does or if its just an MLM scam. So far I smell MLM bigtime but maybe its a legit system I can use as just another tool in my toolbox.

Here’s a link:

So far I’ve signed up but haven’t had a chance to look at the training junk since I don’t have speakers at work and its audio/video training. I’ve seen a few people here with links to CSG sites in their signatures, not sure if that means its legit or those people are just being conned really well. Can someone give me some details if possible? I’ve done a search here and turned up zilch.

I found some PDF materials in their training section, holy high pressure sales non-sense batman. REVERSE COURSE! Too bad I can’t copy/paste from a PDF file or I’d post some of it here for humor. When they actually use the word “pitch” you know its pressure sales. And the fact that they even have an entire section on rebuttals is a tip off. I’m staying away from this one and would advise others do the same unless someone has something really mindblowing that says otherwise. This place fails the gut feeling check.

I checked it out. I’d signed up for the same reasons as you (just more lead generation, but after reading the “marketing” materials now I’m kinda scared of it because of all the focus on getting a downline and little focus on actually providing any type of service. I was told I need to upgrade (read: buy in) in order to experience the true benefits :o

I’m already subscribed to another direct lead generator program for my county and the one next to me. I am pretty happy with it and will incorporate it with my overall marketing rollout for '07 (oooh, how cool did THAT sound 8) )