Congress Gets Ready to Quadruple Tax on Oil

Do Congressional leaders not realize that we are currently in a recession???

Yes, they realize that we are (were) in a recession, but they’re trying to cause a DEPRESSION!

There is a bit of disconnect from reality up on the hill. They simply can not understand that there is an actual limit to how much people can give to the government.

They want more money and it seems easy enough to just take it. They seem to think that if the government wants more money, the taxpayer will simply come up with it. No thought at all about where the money is supposed to come from.

This along with the moron in chief’s brilliant move to pause all drilling will drive up fuel drastically.What a bad experiment of a truly clueless administration we are living through.So any of you who thought this oilspill does’nt effect you,think again.“Spread the wealth” is more like “Spread the pain” is the real goal of this administration.

Tear down this great country,and rebuild it on the same basis that is failing european nations.Amazingly stupid,but when the majority of people can tell you who won American Idol and not their state capitol,that’s how idiots get elected.