QT 1 — As a a new investor I am looking into doing lease option to buys but when i put the house under option to purchase as an investor am i supposed to put it under option for the current market value — or the sellers mortgage balance left over or for the equity that they have if there is any if there is any amount

qt-2 ---- I f the balance owed on a mortgage is more than current market value, do I stay away from that deal — or do I get and hold by sandwiching or renting cuz eventually market values will go up.

Qt 3 — is it better to sandwich lease or just rent out property to market goes up

QT 4 — Do I have to make copies of money orders being paid to mortgage every month when it gets time to get a loan ---- or the contract with seller and I is good enough

This stuff is hard I have 4 people willing to lease out their homes but I am a beginner and its like I am confused on the whole proccess