conflict of interest

i have a co worker whos mother is saling a home and he sales it feels like she is taking advantage of his mother. he told me that the wife was refered by the husband. the wife is the agent and the husband is the attorney issued by the court. can they work together or no.anyone knows


Who is on first?

If I am understanding you, the husband was appointed by the court…not the realtor…the realtor was recommended by the attorney (but not required) and everyone seems to know the relationship, so it seems that they have been on the up and up…so is it a conflict of interest? Maybe?

The bottom line is that if the mother is uncomfortable, she needs to do something about it – fire the realtor? go back to the court? She needs to stand up for herself - a person can only be taken advantage of it they allow it.


(BTW - nice to see you again :cool)