Conducting my own title research help

I am currently investing in properties that I obtain though the Tax Auctions held at the family law center. Paying someone to research the title for each of my possible aquisitions is obviously too expensive. How would i go about conducting my own title reserch to ensure that the property i am buying will be free and clear? Please be as specific as possible regarding the steps i should take. Thank you very much in advance.

Dan Hunsucker

Well for one you never mentioned what state you are in .Laws and disclosures vary from state to state as much as black does to white.BUT In MOST states leans are recorded at the COUNTY court house not the local court house .However what I do is go to the city hall and go to the record keepers office of deeds and ask for a printout of all activity on a certain property .then I call every utility company to make sure no one left a $3500 water or electric bill behind,then I go to the city planning office and ask them if they have a teardown order or structurally unsound order on the property (everything else can be fixed).Then I make a decsion .Yes too much work …I personally reccomend finding another way to get property.or pay a title co.and do the rest that they dont.Most title co.'s dont check city leans (code) or municioal leans (water,elec…etc) and thats my 2 cents

I am currently looking for properties in Houston, Texas. Thanks for the info. If you have any additional information please post it here. Thank you.

As much as I love saving money, this is one of the things that I trust to the professionals. Especially, if i’m dealing with a foreclosure or a home that I acquired through a special deal.

Campbellgroup is right on the money though for some of the things that you can do…