Condo rehab - foundation problems

Hi all,

I have a contract on a condo here in North Austin. The problem is that there are foundation problems (gaps between garage door and brick, cracks in inside walls, tight doors, uneven floors etc.)

I talked to the HOA that is supposed to fix foundation problems but they say they have an engineer’s report that says the unit is OK and that these cracks are merely cosmetic. But a couple of foundation contractors have given me estimates ranging around 10K to fix the foundation.

My question is - if I am dissatisfied with the HOA engineer’s report and decide that repairs do need to be done, can I go ahead and do them? Would fixing my unit affect the adjacent units? Would a lifetime guarantee & engineer’s report after the repairs restore the resale value?

What options do I have to force the HOA to do the repairs?



This is just my opinion but if the HOA says they have a report that says its ok then dont sweat it. If you go to sell it then show the HOA report. Fix the cosmetic problems and move on. Plane the doors down so they open smoothly. Seal and patch the cracks. make it work. This kind of settleing is normal in older buildings. If you are just too nervous about these cracks then dont buy it but the last thing you want is to get into a contest with the HOA board.


datarox is correct.

do not lose sight of your goal.

do not strike the king/hoa.

hoa will EAT you.