Condo/Hotel- Ft Meyer's

New Kid here. Anyone have thoughts on Condo/Hotel investing. They seem to be farily common, with some high-end projects around the country. I al looking at a pre-construction (refurb) and some turn-key units. They are asking a few hundred in “fees” per month and 25% management costs (if you choose to have them manage it for rentals). It appears to be tied to a nice resort and you get full access to the resort amenities. Thanks for the help. They claim you can cover mortgage with 10% down and you get 3-4 weeks a year to rent. They are also forecasting significant appreciation (speculative of course). ???

Any thoughts on Ft. Meyers Beach front appreciation potential?

CMP, i am also from Fort Myers, and have been involved with a developer that is doing something which sounds very similar to this. The difference is they are mixed resort conversion, with a short term rental and the returns are very good, they have a great hitorical track and i have don very well myself. The offer seems similar also to what you said but i have some clearer facts for what i am doing. I am currently investing in Clearwater with this developer. So with that said, i dont know that FT Beach is high end to demand a high cleintal base…have you looked into the area?