Condo Conversions - Project Management

I recently accepted a job with a newly formed company that will be doing condo conversions on the East Coast. My responsibilities will be related to Project Management and overseeing the renovations of these properties before we sell them. Obviously I will be dealing extinsively with subs(locating, interviewing, scheduling, quality control, etc.). I’m looking for sources of information or personal experiences with Project Management and working with subcontractors. There will be some training, but I want to be as prepared as possible when I start the job in April. Any info or advice on this subject is greatly appreciated.

The Journal of Light Construction has an excellent forum about construction with its related project mgmt topics. See the Business Strategies section.

I hate to recommend these guys (and they certainly don’t need the money) but I use Microsoft ‘Project’. It’s great for large projects, and I wouldn’t think of even doing a ‘moderate’ single family rehab without it. I’d look on e-bay or something, since I think it costed me $400 (new) a few years back.

You can contact me with more detailed questions…I really wouldn’t know where to begin, in this post.

Good Luck