How do I get a cities list of homes to be condemned?
Has anyone tried this?

I haven’t tried it however I do know that my County has a department within County Government (Code Enforcement) that polices Unsafe conditions, Trash and Public Safety…

Maybe look there

Good luck


Hey Del,

I’ve Personally tried this angle and it works!
Some of these houses have only minor code violations, but the owners have left them out to dry.

they’re not expecting anything for them or don’t want them, or can’t afford to keep them up.

You’ll have to sift through the bad ones and know your local real estate market, but it’s definitely worth going after.

You’ll have to find the local code enforcement department and talk with them. Some cities have them right on the web!

Also, the local health department will have lists of houses that are unsafe as well.

If you want to personally ask me questions over the phone on this subject I would be more than happy to help. I’ve got a few cool gems I can share on a conference call I’m setting up for next week.

I’ve got a contact form on my website

All the best



I have been working these type of leads for ten years, and would be glad to talk with you about it.