Concrete Pavement

Hi All
Quick question for everyone

I bought a gas stastion/convenience store in a rural country. Small Road that has quite a bit of traffic.

My question is around construction of road and parking lot. The entry/exit area into the store is around 600 sq feet of area is all dirt road. People park where ever they feel like since it is a one sigle dirt area. I would like to construct some kind of concrete/blacktop road into the store. Also provide some decent parking space that would make the store inviting and secure of first time customer.

Anyone does any such construction? Any ideas what kind of options do I have.
*What different types of road construction are there?
*I am very new to contruction. Its a country store, I would like to go for the cheap and best option since the ROI on such investment is very limited.

  • Any other suggestions

Call your local paving contractors, get a few estimates.

Did you mean “country” or “county”?

We may not be able to answer adequately unless we know what “country” it is in or if you meant “out in the country” (rather than in a town/city)…


Meant rural country side.

Generally, blacktop (asphalt) paving will be significanly cheaper than concrete…but the upkeep will be higher. If you are in a really hot area, the asphalt can have problems with softening…

Rich is right…get some quotes from the local paving companies.


In our country area you can use gravel. If you have sandy soil lay down large aggregate first then smaller on top to stabilize the soil. You can get some fly ash from the coal-fired power plant if nearby to finish it off nicely. This is cheaper than the black-top or concrete, easier to maintain and is certainly country.