computer program

Is anyone using a computer program to track their flips/rentals. Something that would act as a case management program to track budgets, contact information, leases, contractorsm etc?


Mike Butler has an impressive package for this.

That’s great Dmiller. Mike’s software seems like more of a rental application. Do you know of anything tailored to rahabbing? I’ve been looking for a program too. Google searches don’t turn up much. Plus, it’s hard to tell which programs would work once I find them. Any posts on the subject would be helpful!!! 8)

He has 2 programs, one is tenant tracking the other is invester books.

The invester books will keep track of your rehabs down to the penny instantly, per project, per llc/corp or whatever.

Very nice package, IMO. Runs off of quickbooks so there is quite a bit of help out there and most cpa’s know it.

I am in no way affliated with Mike Butler, I just use the software.

oh geeze… I missed that. I thought it was a misprint - “investor books under a software heading”. I’ll check it out…

Try this site:
It includes a spreadsheet and a handbook that helps eval. the costs and determine if it is cosmetic or major. I have not purchased this yet but I plan to in the future.

Our local REI had Mike Butler in for a free seminar and he went through his program, it did run off quick books but looked and sounded pretty impressive, his stuff is mainly rental and landlord though.