I have been trying to work with realtors to get comps, but to no avail. I am a wholesaler, that needs a web-site to access comps, that is free and accurate, besides, that i believe is not, nor are tax rolls accurate.

The only way that you are going to get true comps is to work with an appraiser. Have you tried going to any of the local REI club meetings? I am sure that with home sales being down, appraisers should be pretty hungry.

Find an investor friendly Agent, title company employee, or mortgage broker. They all have access to sales data.

Try this site, it’s Dean Graziosi’s site and it works really well.

Here’s the formula for comps which you can apply to data on this site:

  1. Sold Properties in the Lat 90 Days
  2. Must be Like Property
  3. Must Be Within 200-300 Sqft of the Subject
  4. Must be Within a One Mile Radius. Start 1/4 Mile, then 1/2 Mile then 1 Mile
    5 Must be Within 10 Yrs of Subject

Here’s the site:

Cheers :slight_smile:


Call an appraiser. Some appraisers may be willing to do a ‘pre-comp’. The bottom line is that what you are seeking is value-added information. Generally, such information is not free since it required labor to process.

To Sean Terry:Do you feel the comps from this web-site that you talk about, are accurate. According to some investors, on some properties that i have shown them, their comps seem to be 10-$15,000 lower. I know they might be a little different, but i also know their are some greedy investors out there. All i am trying to do is, get close, so i can wholesale flip the properties to other investors