In your opinion who gives the best free comps. Zillow,Cyberhomes,homegain,realquest or any other ones. Thank You, Herbster

None of them. While Zillow tend to hit the mark every now and then, they all can be off by 10% to 20% and not reliable.

I know it is difficult to obtain COMPs from a realtor, but that is your best bet and you should try to work towards getting MLS access.

I use Haines Criss Cross +Real Estate.

Out of the four, I like cyberhomes. What I do as a wholesaler I use cyberhomes, online city assessment and drive around and check out Realtor’s sign for like houses ( same many bedrooms, baths and so on…) from that I kind get an idea where my ARV might be. I know it is alot of work and alot of wasted time, but so far it works for me.

For Property info and Public Record transactions set yourself up an account with.

It is free from First american and has over 90 percent of the sold data across the USA.

The problem with a declining market is that for sale properties are selling for less then just sold properties so a great relationship with an agent with access to the MLS is paramount.

Good luck

I’m interested in that link that you supplied to First American for getting data, when you get to the page to sign up do you sign up as a customer or what? (how do you get to the free stuff?)

You need to sign up using the signup link and then call your local title office and ask for a customer service rep… Some First American offices do not know they even have this data service…

As for free it really isnt free, they expect you to use their service which cost money…