Anyone know a cheep or free web site I can get comps at?

I am looking at about 4 properties and I have looked at recent sales on yahoo, but I deffinately need something more specific and accurate.


Baloo what state?

Michigan, Detroit metro area

Wow that is one state I do not have! Let me look into it! Robb

hey thanks! Anything you can find would be great!

REO. Do you know of any sites that I could get comps for Washington state or Texas? Thanks

I am wondering if you have a website for the Tucson area.

Thank you.

Man, what did I start here?

Any luck Robb?

Texas is a non disclosure state so sold properties do not show up on any public websites, you can however hire a Realtor to run a cma with comparables from mls properties, if they were not listed they would not show up anywhere, but if they were listed through mls and then sold the information will be available through your Realtor.

Cool, but I’m In Michigan.

I was hoping to find a way to get the information myself quickly rather then depending on my realtor or wasting his time while I rule out properties.

I am sure most realtors would rather not have a gaggle of would be investors calling for comps 15 times a week, and until I get a couple houses under my belt I am a would be investor.

So I was just asking if anyone had a reliable web site that could provide me with this information readily

Someone on this site recommended this recently:

For a rough quicky you can go to Yahoo real estate and get recent nearby sales. Well, 6 months ago recent.

thats great, thanks