Where can i get some comp’s from

Option #1: Consider offering an appraiser some compensation for pulling comps for you. Tell em about the type of property you need comps for & ask if they’d be willing to pull data for a fee. You’ll probably have to digest the data yourself though…as most appraisers won’t be willing to make adjustments & arrive @ an opinion of value for a nominal fee.

Option #2: Ask an Agent for comps. You could be tipping off an Agent about a potential property, however. But, if you have a good working relationship w/an Agent…they might be a good option.

Option #3: I’ve read that others get comps from Title Companies, but as an Appraiser…everytime I’ve obtained comps from a Title Company…they’ve been anything, but comps.

I think option #1 is your best alternative. Remember, other than sales price…marketing times are also very important.

Good luck,


I don’t know what state your in however if you could meet some people at commonwealth or other title company you might ask them if you bring your business in could you have access to their website for comps on your property. time to be a diplomat. call and ask questions about what they could recommend. research is the first thing anyone interested in real estate should learn, happy hunting!

Besides an appraiser who can offer you comp information, and realtors, this website can help a bit, but the data is sometimes at least 4 months old. But at least it gives you an idea. The url is: