What are the best ways to get comps.

This link should help some…

Another way to get comps is to drive the neighborhood and look for “For Sale Signs” and call them. You can also hook up with a real estate agent and get the info. I find that most don’t have a problem doing it. The problem most new investors have (I had it to) is that they are afraid to ask. I once read that you should find someone working the yard and ask them for information on the neighborhood. Initially, I was terrified at the thought of approaching a complete stranger but I was determined to do it and you know what, they told me more than I needed to know. It actually works!! Now I do it all the time. Try it you’ll be surprised. Most people are friendly and won’t hesitate to give you all the info you need and might lead you to other properties. It’s all in your presentation. Dress casual, be friendly and smile…All you have to do is ask. For rents most property management companies have a list of their rentals that they will gladly give you. I usually call and get the info. Also, newspaper are a good source. ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE…Stay focused and determined…UTILIZE THIS SITE TO THE MAX…You’ll learned so much from this site… The last key piece of advise is to take action. There’s no better time to start. You have so many expert at your disposal on this site…GO FOR IT!!!

After I started doing mass deals I started just asking my appraiser to pull comps. my thought is as long as he agrees what else matters I need him to get the money anyway!!!REI moneymaker has great advice as well ask the neighbors!!!