How can I get a comp list, and how do I find my median value?

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Will the comp list give me the median value of homes in Fresno.

What exactly do you mean by “Comp List”? are you talking about the comps for a particular property or a list of all properties that have recently sold in the area so you can find the median value?

Either way your best bet is to contact a Realtor in your area.

There are several comp websites online where you can find comps. Just do a google search.

Doing a median value of a list of sold prices is like taking all the prices in a grocery store and finding the average. It is a number that really tells you nothing.

A comp is only a good comp if it is comparable to the subject property. If you are trying to find out the market value of a 3 BR/2 BA home with 1,500 square feet and a full unfinished basement, then you need to find sales of 3 BR/2 BA homes with 1,500 square feet. Just taking a median or an average of all home sales will not tell you what this property is worth.

Your best bet for this type of data is to find a good real estate agent that you can work with. Create a win-win relationship and you can mine their MLS data for years.

Simple solution is as stated before. Join the MLS.

In the state of California in the Williams vs San Fernando Valley Board of Realtors which went all the way to the 9th Ciruit Court…they ruled the anyone…ANYONE…can join the MLS and have access to the MLS…you just do not get access to the Board of Realtors private information.

Join, search, learn.

Good Luck,
Bill H