It seems, from reading previous posts, that the best method for getting comps. are through RE agents. As I am just getting started in REI, I would appreciate any thoughts on how to best approach this.

I am looking to wholesale so I am not sure what I could offer the RE broker in return. Thank you for your suggestions!

If you are actively looking for deals, you’ll probably find several houses along the way that you may not be able to do anything with. You could always refer those people to that agent and the agent could then get new listings.

Thank you for your input!

If cold calling realtors, what would you say? Would you offer to pay them a fee, should I try to obtain a password to do the comps. myself or should I have them do it for me?

Besides cold calling realtors, are there any other suggestions to obtain comps.?

Get access to the MLS since this is what your cash buyers will use plus I use comps as a negotiation tool since home sellers use zillow/trulia and look at active listing, not SOLDS.

When I started out I was a realtor assistant and had my own access to MLS. I went to networking events and found an investor that was a realtor and they made me their assistant. Now my business partner is a realtor and we both have access.

Just curious, what does this Realtor partner you speak of get in exchange of providing you with MLS access?