Comps vs appraisal

If you can get comps from a realtor, would you ever skip the appraisal?

It’s only $300 but it’s $300.

I have never ordered an appraisal on a property I purchased. I relied on comps to frame my offer. However, if I used financing, the lender ordered an appraisal to extablish the value of the collateral securing the loan.

As an appraiser, Ill give you a few tips: First, be careful of the comps you receive from Realtors. They’ll compare apples to oranges (example ranch vs colonial, 2 bedroom vs 4 bedroom, comps to far away from the Subject).
Second, in the beginning utilize an appraiser and learn about appraisal techniques, learn from a mentor, and ask an experience realtor.
Third, once you become familiar with an area you invest in, it becomes second nature, you dont need an appraiser once you’re familiar with your market.