Comps in TX

I’ve searched the board for this and it seems most people are saying the ONLY way to get comps in TX is to “rely” on someone who has access to MLS. This seems like such a bottleneck in getting comps in a non-disclosure state.

Is there no other way to get actual comps (not estimates) from some site/service??? I see there’s appraisals, but this isn’t always accurate either. I don’t want to ask a realtor for comps on every deal I come across… They don’t have time and I don’t want to bug them for comps all the time…

Maybe I should find MLS access for myself… haha :wink:

why not get licensed?

Join your local real estate investor’s club & network with Realtors.

I like to keep track of about 4 nieborhoodsI want to invest in and always call when a house is for sale to see asking price, keep track of length it takes to sell and always call after its sold and act like I missed out so they wont mind telling me what it went for. Its nothing solid just keeps me in touch with a sense of value areas have and what is selling and what is not…

trade your leads that you dont buy with a realtor for their mls access.