Comps in Illinois

Anyone know how I can get comps in Illinois without using a realtor? Thanks.

You can try to find a ‘friendly’ appraiser that might help you out in exchange for your business. I, personally, have ZERO confidence in the on-line systems.


I agree. Online systems are spotty at best.

Why don’t you want to develop a good working relationship with a GOOD HARD WORKING REALTOR that does REI and understands how it works? There are many ways to develop a working relationship with a good REALTOR.

Yes, networking is the key to success. You have to remember though the key to networking is understanding it is counter intuitive. You can’t go into it thinking about what YOU want out of it.

You truly have to think about helping the other person.

Think about What’s In It For THEM.

How do they Benefit? If they just waste their time pulling comp after comp for you, rather than spending their time with money making clients, why should they do it for you? Ah, but if you list properties with them? You refer them business? You teach them how to bring you leads, etc. Now it all makes sense.

Thanks for the advice.