comps II

to the last person who answered my comps question I am talking about a list of properties in me area to find the median value. Where can I get that list? Or can I just get it myself on the mls listings. I’m very new at this. Thanks.

google search: “median home values in your city’”

that would be a vary vague and nonviable way of pulling off comps in the first place… in some instances home values could change from block to block… There is no such thing as median home sales to pull off comps…

Pulling off comps is serious business, don’t understimate what this is…

The easiest way is to gather the data from the MLS system. You can break it down by price range, sale date and area. If you are not a member of the MLS, your board may offer a fee you can pay to access the sales data or you can find a real estate agent that is willing to help you out.

Another option is to talk to the local area assessor. He or she will also have this data. The long way to this information is to put the county records on all sales in the area and gather the data manually - not how I would like to spend my time however.