Compiling a list of questions to ask sub-2 prospects. Your input is needed

Maybe everyone can benefit from this post (if people participate). I’m trying to compile a word doc of questions that I want to ask a sub-2 prospect, or for that matter any seller, to cover all my bases so I can provide the homeowner options on the spot. I’ll start the thread and see where it goes from here. There are in no random order.

How much do you currently owe on all mortgages?
How long have you lived here?
What improvements have you made?
What do you want out of your house? Walking money, nothing, etc.


do you owe any taxes on the prop?

yep good one. Forgot about that.

Is everything current?
Utilities? Taxes?
Is the title clear of any liens?


When did you buy the home

What did you pay for it… (Gives you an idea what is was worth back then)

Whose name is on title…(Make sure you’re talking to the person that matters)

What are your payments, does this include insurance and taxes…(This will tell you if you can cashflow)

Why you selling… (This will give you insight of their problem so you can solve their problem and/or meet their need)

JOhn…I sent you an e-mail about sub-2’s.


check your email my friend ;D

private or home address?

the one you have in your signature

ok I haven’t recieved it yet. I got 4 calls today from folks who want to deed me the property. Not my words but theirs ;D


I’ll send it again, check it in a second

nothing John. Wierd ???

Yep that’s the one. I just replied to your email. I’ll call you

also don’t forget to ask about what the intrest rate is and if it’s fixed or not.

I’m Sorry For The Last Post (I Hit The Wrong Button). Anyway I Do Have A List Of Questions For Sub2 in PDF. I Can Fax Them OR e-mail them?

In addition to “what improvements have been made”, i usually ask what improvements NEED to be made".

Gives me a heads up (even though they don’t usually tell you much :-X)…

when we meet i need ALL names on the deed to be present, this is a mutual decision.

Yes this is very important because you want the decision makers there all at once to close the deal. The more time that elapse by the greater the chance they will change their minds. You want to create urgency and have decisions made right then, if you can.