How much competition are you guys running into? Im in the Philadelphia PA area and Im running into a ton of comp…

What are you doing to stand out?

Im dealing in pre-forclosures and mainly use Direct mailing as my marketing tool…

I don’t have any serious competition on the buying side. Wannabes come and go once in awhile.

I’ve breed some of my own competition on the selling side (I do Rent to Own) from realtors mimicing me. Only one is good at it though and we don’t step on each others toes, in fact I often refer extra t/bs to him. None of the others take it all that seriously, it’s just a “me too” kind of thing.

If I were you I would stand out by calling sellers and visiting them with written offers. Nothing says “do business with me” like SAYING: Do business with me!"

When I rehab a house I set myself apart by the quality of work. Also by buying the properties right I leave myself room to list it lower than comparable houses in the neighborhood.