Comparable Services

Hey there everyone. I have a question as to the best comp services? I am in NC and wanted to know what you all use around my parts. Thanks

Forget Zillow and all of the other services out there. Either spend a lot of time looking at a lot houses and LEARN your market or get a good realtor that knows your market. There’s no substitute for knowledge and experience.

Overall I agree with Rich. I do also feel RealQuest is a pretty good online source for those who don’t have access to the MLS or a realtor.

Nothing is better than actual local comps. Online value sites are poor options, at best. If you don’t know the area, get a local Realtor to pull some comps for your deals (you will probably have to pay). It least it’ll be accurate (more so than the websites).

Also, the websites may NOT even service your area. Seems to be the case more than not in NC. My area and surrounding is NEVER on them (hickory, NC).


I work in the Orlando market and we use Win2Data and it is fantastic. I know it is expensive though, so check it out.

Some outlying areas are hard to find.
I use coldwell banker and the county records. But there is no substitute for the actual comps from a Realtor.

I use that as a preliminary before I look at the property.

I use also. It has never steered me wrong. I think they still offer a free trial.

A lot of the free online sites suck, at best, so be careful.