Company kit with seal?

Is this necessary, or just another way for the LLC formation companies to overcharge people? I see they are offering packages and it’s usually $100 more to have one of these kits. Can you get these at an office supply store for less money?

Yes, it’s just another way to up sell. You can buy that stuff yourself.

Thanks. Is a seal really required to be used on all documents for an LLC? Would a judge actually care about somethign like that?

Also, can a membership certificate just be something that you type up at home or does it need to be bought from some place?

No, but it makes it real hard to forge documents if the company uses a seal.


You can use whatever you want so long as it complies with your state’s laws.

I didn’t think of that. Who would be trying to forge documents, the tenant?

There was another post concerning steal property where a poster said using a corp would deter thieves for pretending to be the owner. It is very easy to forge corporate documents and pretend to be a corporate officer.

Actually I was the one who posted that thread BLL.

Not to beat this subject into the ground, but how does using the corporate seal prevent forgery? If a house thief goes to a notary with fake documents to quitclaim the house into his name, the notary doesn’t know whether my LLC uses a corporate seal or not on it’s documents, and they’ll go ahead and notarize the documents anyway, right?

The crook can’t get a copy of your seal easily. It’s much easier to fake identification than it is a corporate seal. If you have a history of your using your seal, then it’s easier to make your case.

Good point! I’m going to shell out the $30 and get my seal. I found out there is a kind where you can by specialized inserts for to change the name on the seal, so if you form more than one LLC you don’t need to keep paying that $30 over and over again for each new seal.