Commerial RE BUYING

Im a newbie. I want to buy some commercial real estate. I see potential deals all the time. I want to capitalize on them. Using no/little money down method. I heard Scott Scheel. He says he does this. Does anyone one know his method? If so can you explain it to me. Can anyone explain to me how to do one of deals from start to finish. Due Diligence, to present seller with an offer to closing. I also hear that once you acquire these properties, you can pulling some money out by refinancing and still have equity, cash flow. How is that all this possilbe? I dont want to buy a course, I been burned to many times. If someone can help that would be appreciated.

Please start with an almost-sure-thing investment.
Buy a house to live in. Then buy a rental house. Then buy a vacant lot or another house. Along the way, read a LOT. Somewhere along the way, you’ll know enough to jump into commercial, which is a magnitude beyond residential in risk.
Good luck,