Commercial tile (VCT) question

Hey all,

Getting close to wrapping up a renovation on one of my rental units and had a question regarding flooring.

I’ve decided to go with the commercial tiles in a couple of rooms (kitchen, bathroom, dining room) and was wondering what were the pros/cons of putting the flooring down before the cabinets?

I don’t have a whole lot of cabinets, so the fact that I will use less tile if I put the cabinets first isn’t a big factor.

Hoping someone has some other reason that might sway me one way or the other?

Tile is usually one of the last things done in a home because the grout is very sensitive to movement when first installed, so is the thin set under your new tile. Tiling is a messy job, save it for last, the end result will be much better looking.

Think about it… If you install that tile first it may seem easier intially but then your walking on it to install your cabinets, counter tops, sinks, plumbing, appliances, lots of opportunity for screw ups. And it’s NEW tile, it ain’t gonna look like that after your finished.

Get the heavy lifing done, finish your tile when all the above (except appliances) is done. Then roll you frig, stove, and dish washer into place!!!

If your talking about vinyl tile (VCT), I don’t see the problem with setting tile first and then installing the cabinets. It’s fairly durable and easy to replace single tiles. Often, after work is completed, we will strip the factory wax and apply new coats of wax for an even finish. When the tenants move out, it’s easy to re-strip and wax to make the floor look new again.

Yes, I am talking about VCT… not CERAMIC.

Yeah no problem with VCT it is a great product especially for rental property as well as floating wood floors.

Good Luck.

I think its up to you. I just put it down in my liquor store after I moved the register area. Stop in next time your in Agawam. The address is on my site.

Thanks Mike… I will definitely stop in.

I opted to put the cabinets in first, so we’ll see how it goes.