Commercial REI NEWB Needs Advice From Bigtimers

Hello I am a newb at commercial RE. So far I have read Dolf De Roose commercial real estate book.
My residential portfolio is over 50% owned and sits at about 500k. My personal credit is 700+ ( which seems like it doesnt matter)
So I am preparing for our first deal in commercial RE for 2016. Here are some questions that I have for a mentor. (meaning someone who owns millions in real estate and is liquid institutional investor)


  1. What are the best book(s) for understanding and choosing what types of deals to look at?
  2. What are some lower risk deals to get started with that have a nice return.
  3. I plan on going to 4 business functions per month like BNI and others are there any you might recommend for networking/investing?

My problem as you might suspect is cash flow because I worked my way up from zero and didn’t have Donald Trumps dad to give me my first million dollar loan… So here are some things that I can do to ad value to properties.

Skills to Pay the Bills:

  1. I am well networked with discount construction and am a construction guy my self to include HVACR so I can get super deals on repairs and building.
  2. I am really great at online marketing, my ad copy is pretty solid, technology is my best friend.
  3. My wife is a realtor she could easily be a broker.
  4. The down payment I can see my self acquiring for the first deal seems like it would be 50-75k by the mid to end of 2016.
  5. I do have time, yet low on cash flow … for acquiring new deals or savings.

One deal that seemed interesting was to buy commercial land and develop it for people to park box trucks at 200 USD per space… :help


When you get ready for your first commercial purchase either look for a small 5 or 6 unit apartment building where your cash works the down and closing costs or look for an already leased stand alone commercial building with two or three units. 

I don’t know what state your in so this may take some looking or willingness to invest in another state.