Commercial REI Game Plan

Hello everyone,

Originally i attained my RE license, started a residential wholesaling business and acted as a RE agent. Everything was residential.

My end goal since the beginning has allways been commercial though. The plan was to use residential to raise capital to start commercial investing.

I had an epiphany the other day though. Why not become a commercial RE agent instead? By the time i raise the capital to invest, i’ll have MUCH more experience working in commercial RE. Also, i’ll have the network to partner with, work with, learn from, etc etc.

Just wanted to hear what everyone’s thoughts where on being a commercial RE broker as a stepping stone towards being a full time commercial RE investor.

Thank you
Lance Valfre

P.S. I’ll be in business school during all of this.

Sounds like a plan to me, sounds a lot like my plan in fact. I just finished up my classes for my license and should be taking my test soon. Since I want to be involved in selling commercial and investing in commercial for myself I am looking to start working for a commerical broker. I figure I am not going to learn anything about commercial working for a residential broker so why even bother working there?

My story is also similar. I have my residential license but I am more interesed in commercial then residential. Although I dont work for a commercial broker, i come across large commercial deals on a regular basis.( Doing my own homework) I feel you can still get paid from a commercial deal even if your broker is residential. I have a few million dollar deals I am currently working to close (one of them was brought to my attention by my residential broker)and I start CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment member) classes in a few weeks. Good luck to you all.