Commercial RE Property Managment Franchise

Does anyone know of Property Management, INC. I am thinking about buying a franchise and would like some advice. They seem to be the only brand in commercial real estate managment which I have been wanting to get into forever.

Thanks in advance

Funny you should ask, I have been talking with them recently as well, though I know probably as much as you. I assume you got their email and web video? There really is not enough info to know whether or not it is good. I have been looking at different franchises, the one issue I see is that I think they have only been franchising for 2 years. Normally that should make you wary since with a franchise you would like to see a longer track record. There are a couple of other property management franchises, I am waiting for info on. Do you have your real estate license?

I almost positive im going to move forward with them. I spoke with some existing franchisees this week that have been at it a very short time and have landed some impressive accounts with the help of corporate. If you now anything else that may sway my decision please tell me.

I dont have my real estate license yet but will be operating under a broker here in TX until I get mine.

Are you in TX?

Don’t rush. Get a licence first. You still know a little about their company and how it’s work. Just watching good & successful videos shouldn’t satisfy you without witnessing facts physically. Ask for papers to show. Visit their office or other franchise. Experience yourself. Franchsise needs to go through a lot of measurements.