Commercial purchase

How did you find your commercial property?

Nobody on the commercial forum found commercial property to buy? I’m not asking specifics, but in general. Don’t worry, I’m not trying to buy in your markets, my wife is a realtor who is listing a commercial property…her first, and I was curious how you found your property.

It really depends on the property type and the area, but I would say most people rely heavily on Commercial Realtors. I would also say that a lot of investors are using the internet to help find properties.

My suggestion for your wife would be not only list it in the MLS but also various other websites, such as loopnet. The internet is very good for reaching potential buyers that might not be located in your area.


The best way to find property is work with a commercial broker. They have access to one of the finest properties through their broker network. If they properties are not sell using this network, it will get listed on loopnet. Another way to find property is through reading the newspaper on Commercial Real Estate Section. You can also do driveby and pay attention to for sale signs.